Meredith Nudo is a writer, editor, social media manager and comedian. Her work has appeared in Dork Shelf, Space City Nerd, Gutterfags and other digital, print and stage outlets, and she currently serves as the editor of Speak No Evil at Gray Bear Comics. She has also run social media accounts in the healthcare, oil and gas, publishing and performing arts sectors. You can see her perform most often at Station Theater, currently as a member of the improv troupes Sandbox Kryptonite, Gen X, I’m Just Happy to be Here and Wanking Procedures and the sketch group White House Press Corps and the Pips. She made her comedy festival debut at Trill Comedy Festival 2016 as a special guest of Magical Lying Hour.

Here’s the obligatory disclaimer that Meredith’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of her employer or anyone else who gives her money or reposts/reprints her writing. Please don’t make assumptions or sue them over something she says. That wouldn’t be very fair. She likes when things are fair. She also likes being employed and receiving money.