Meredith Nudo is a writer, editor, comedian, and voice actress. Her work has appeared in Dork Shelf, Space City Nerd, Gutterfags, Houston Press, Houstonia, and other digital, print, and stage outlets, and she serves as the editor of Speak No Evil at Gray Bear Comics. She graduated from the comedy conservatory programs at Station Theater and ComedySportz Houston and performed with the improv troupes Empty Closets and I’m Just Happy to be Here prior to COVID-19; in addition, she made her festival debut in the 2016 Trill Comedy Festival as a guest of Magical Lying Hour and went on to co-produce the 2019 event. In 2017, she served on the writing staff of the first two seasons of Blue Shift, Station Theater’s house sketch troupe. She has performed as a guest of Rock Paper Improv, Grief Bacon, Supernova, the Good Enoughs, Better Linda, and in the Anchor Sketch Showcase, among others, and wrote a sketch selected for the 2019 Kevin McDonald & Friends showcase at Station Theater. You can currently hear her as the voice of Talis in the audio drama Splintered Caravan, the announcer of Milton’s Comics and Culture Radar, and in the bumper segments of The Dan Aykroyd Podcast. She holds an MLA in English from the University of St. Thomas and refuses to debate the Oxford comma.

Here’s the obligatory disclaimer that Meredith’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of her employer or anyone else who gives her money or reposts/reprints her writing. Please don’t make assumptions or sue them over something she says. That wouldn’t be very fair. She likes when things are fair. She also likes being employed and receiving money.