I’m Meredith Nudo and I’m a Houston-based voice actress, writer, and comedian. I graduated from the comedy conservatory programs at Station Theater and ComedySportz Houston and performed with the improv troupes Empty Closets and I’m Just Happy to be Here prior to COVID-19 closing down the stages and ruining all of our fun. In addition, I made my festival debut in the 2016 Trill Comedy Festival as a guest of Magical Lying Hour and went on to co-produce the 2019 event. In 2017, I served on the writing staff of the first two seasons of Blue Shift, Station Theater’s house sketch troupe. I’ve performed as a guest of Rock Paper Improv, Grief Bacon, Supernova, the Good Enoughs, Better Linda, and in the Anchor Sketch Showcase, among others, and wrote a sketch selected for the 2019 Kevin McDonald & Friends showcase at Station Theater.

The voice acting part of my career is fleshed out on this page! It has reels! And my résumé! And info about my home studio! And nice things that nice people said about me!

I like exclamation points and in my spare time I enjoy staring at the wall baffled that I have spare time. My writing can be found on my blog, Hardcore Nudoty.


Meredith Nudo: Character Demo Reel 2021

Meredith Nudo: Character Demo Reel 2021

It's my character demo reel for 2021! Interested in having me voice a character for your animation, video game, audiobook, or audio drama project? Maybe for a harried heroine? An unhinged child? Angry executive? And many, many others? Contact me below for a quote!
Massive thanks and credit to the following fine folks:
  • Amanda Hufford, director and writer
  • Arthur Tisseront, audio engineer and studio consultant
  • Anjali Kunapaneni, writer
  • Jules Rivera, cover artist
Meredith Nudo: Video Game Demo Reel 2021

Meredith Nudo: Video Game Demo Reel 2021

Let me guide you, walk beside you, angrily defied you. Through the real, surreal, unreal. For your video games, animations, audio dramas, and other projects, I'm here to bring you the boy who saw too much. The pixie who stabs too much. The lonely who fear too much. And others. Interested in learning more? Contact me below for a quote.
My sincerest thanks to the following fine folks:
  • Amanda Hufford, director and writer
  • Arthur Tisseront, audio engineer and studio consultant
  • Anjali Kunapaneni, writer
  • MJ Greenfield, cover artist

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Studio Specs

I work in a sound-dampened PVC booth custom designed by audio engineer Arthur Tisseront. It is ADR capable.


  • Neumann TLM 103 large diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Solid State Logic SSL2+ USB Audio Interface
  • Neumann EA 1 MT shock mount
  • Stedman Proscreen 101 pop filter
  • Mogami Gold studio microphone cable
  • Sony MDR7506 professional large diaphragm headphones
  • OnStage desktop microphone stand
  • Acer SA240Y Bbmipux 23.8″ Full HD IPS Ultra-Slim Edge-to-Edge Monitor


  • Adobe Audition
  • iZotope RX 9 Standard

Connectivity Capability

  • Discord
  • Zencastr
  • SourceConnect
  • Skype
  • Zoom


AT&T fiber 1000 mbps

  • Ping: 24 ms
  • Download: 173.88 mbps
  • Upload: 316.65 mbps

I have both ethernet and wifi capabilities.

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  • Cockney
  • East Texas
  • Irish
  • Louisiana
  • Midwestern
  • Received Pronunciation
  • Regionless Southern
  • Scottish
  • Standard American
  • TransAtlantic
  • Valley girl

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Please note that not every project is reflected here due to NDAs. For a full listing of performing arts experience outside of voiceover, my résumé may be found here.

ADR (Animation)


Just Esperia Things, Lilith Games

  • Additional voices (Episodes 2, 3)


In Production

Best Friends Adventures, Silent Man Productions

  • Jess (secondary)

Colors of the Rainbow, Court Jester Productions

  • Electric Blue (Episode 5; supporting)
  • Ivory (Episode 5; supporting)
  • British TV Announcer (Episode 5; supporting)

Diet!, Director Joseph Chang

  • Critic 2 (secondary)

Displacement District, Director Sam Reilly

  • Elle Bright (supporting)

The Energies, Honey Ham Creations

  • Fangirls (supporting)
  • Additional voices

Moons of Celeros, Wakeform Entertainment

  • Nora (secondary)

Nexus Underground, Director Kelsey Baritell

  • Avyra (secondary)

Seasons of Joy, Court Jester Productions

  • Winter Temporada (lead)

The Tragic End of Rodney & Madlyn U., Director Jay Whang

  • Madlyn Upatio (lead)

Wickwood Mythical Academy, DreamHive Studio

  • Christa (secondary)
  • Aerlinne (supporting)


Game Over, Bored Nugget

  • Additional voices (Episode 1)

Molly Taylor’s Azure Wolfheart Birthday Short, Director Esco Tanner

  • Ariana Sylvester (lead)

One Last Letter, Director Ari Johnson

  • Amanda (lead)



It Gets Even Better: Stories of Queer Possibility, Speculatively Queer

  • Narrator, Aimee Ogden’s “Venti Mochaccino, No Whip, Double Shot of Magic”

Audio Drama and Podcast


The Infinite Realm, RealmWorks Audio

  • Blight (secondary)

In Production

Archion Book 2, Studio Archion

  • Kim Cromley (supporting)
  • Archion Solider (Episode 11; supporting)

Beyond the Long Rest, Director Cris Skelton

  • Nurse Besh (secondary)

Intervention & Reunion, Sole Twin Audios

  • Doctor (Intervention segment) (lead)

The Leap, Pinball Productions

  • Sadie’s Mom (Episode 1; supporting)

Salubrious Falls: Phobias Unlimited, Sole Twin Audios

  • Officer Sebastiana Tierney (secondary)
  • Female Sloan (secondary)

Savage Waking, Invictum Digital

  • Additional Voices (Zombie Horde)

Smile Grove, Isotopic Productions

  • Mysterious Female Voice (secondary)

Subsister, CreatiScope

  • Trish 2 (Episode 2; supporting)

Where Wolf, Director Robert Saucedo

  • Sophia Ploog (lead)


Demons, Radioverse

  • Narrator

A Normal Family | JonBenet Ramsey Case Podcast, Director Charles Benes

  • Police Report Narrator (supporting)

Splintered Caravan, Director Chris Garrett, Overtime Productions

  • Talis (secondary)

Comic Dubs

In Production

Monster Kingdom, ThatFoolishOne

  • Pepper (secondary)

Commercial (Character)


Azure Wolfheart, Director Esco Tanner

  • Ariana Sylvester

Corgi Knight, Corgi Knight Studios

  • Pretty Terrible

Orson Welles: Warrior of the Worlds, Director Milton Lawson

  • Margaret Beck

Sea Hears Project: Annabel, Sailing Ocelot Studios

  • Doctor 1

Commercial and Bumper Segments (Narration)


The Burt Reynolds and Charles Bronson Podcast, Director Scott White

  • Outros

The Dan Aykroyd Podcast, Director Scott White

  • Outros

Milton’s Comics and Culture Radar, Director Milton Lawson

  • Announcer

Which is More Gooder?, Director Scott White

  • Announcer

Educational Materials (Character)


For the Love of Customers, Director Kyle Bullock

  • Mrs. Stubbs
  • Woman 1

Explainer Videos


How to get a Pell Grant (in 30 Seconds), BestColleges.com

  • Narrator

What are Pell Grants?, BestColleges.com

  • Narrator



A Weekend on Foxes Island, The Avocado Highway

  • Female Narrator



Pop and Schlock Podcast, formerly KPFT 90.1 FM

  • Co-host

Various blog posts, BestColleges.com

  • Narrator


Cold Cuts, Platform Productions

  • Host

Olurun, Director Don Freeman, KPFT 90.1 FM

  • Various (improv)



Sex and the Post-Apocalyptic Prison Colony, Director Kathryn Way, So Like Basically

  • Narrator
  • Rita (supporting)

Scott White and Alycia “Rose” Quacker Stand-Up Special, Director Luke Brewer

  • Announcer

Video Games


The Godkiller Ch. 2, Seespace Labs

  • Worker 1 (supporting)

In Production

Cryptid Crew, Pertinax Games

  • Carla Quark (secondary)

Doomsday Paradise, Lemonade Flashbang

  • Samurai Shark (supporting)

Fashion Police Squad, Mopeful Games

  • The Karen (supporting)

Serafina’s Saga: Awakened, Woodsy Studio

  • Valerie Sparkov (secondary)

We Live Inside a Dream, MrWhaleFarmer

  • Screaming Woman (supporting)


Fngs fr th mmrs, Cattle Crew Games

  • Red (secondary)

The Godkiller Ch. 1, Seespace Labs

  • Spectator 1 (supporting)

The Mountain and the Path, Fall Right Games

  • Female Narrator/Player Character (lead)

N3-VR, Director Cem Ertekin

  • WENDEE (lead)

Portrait of a Texas Family, Lookout Drive Games

  • Cashier 2 (supporting)

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Training and Education

Please note that the following listings only cover my training pertaining directly to voiceover. For a full listing of my training and experience in improv, sketch comedy, and acting, my résumé may be found here.


  • Landon Kirksey, Voiceover (Westside Comedy)
  • Brendan Hunter, Voice Acting 101 (Casting Call Club/Closing Credits)
  • John Wang, Voice Acting 201 (Casting Call Club/Closing Credits)
  • Deb Munro, Voice Acting 301 (Casting Call Club/Closing Credits)
  • Tony Wijs, Audio Engineering for Voice Actors (Casting Call Club/Closing Credits)
  • Elley Ray, Mastering Characters (Casting Call Club/Closing Credits)
  • Morgan Berry, ADR and Dubbing for Anime (Casting Call Club/Closing Credits)

Private Coaching

  • Crispin Freeman, character voiceover
  • Sara Gaston, acting
  • Lena Hill, breathing technique
  • Jason Lord, ADR (Extra Terrible Mentorship Program)
  • Lindsay Sheppard, general voiceover
  • June Yoon, general voiceover (Extra Terrible Mentorship Program)
  • D’arcy Smith, accents and dialects
  • Dave Walsh, commercial voiceover


  • Dani Chambers, ADR (Extra Terrible)
  • Crispin Freeman, Voice Acting Mastery
  • Stephanie Lynn Robinson, Recording Ensemble Animation (Lone Star VO)
  • Linsay Rousseau, Military Call-Outs (Queer Vox)
  • Gina Scarpa, Nailing the Conversational Read
  • D’arcy Smith, Accents & Dialects for Video Games (Lone Star VO)
  • Lena Hill, Acting Techniques (Lone Star VO)
  • Deb Munro and Elley Ray, Fabulous Creatures and Others (Get Mic’d)
  • Mami Okada, Animation and Casting (Strawberry Hill)
  • Wendee Lee, Animation and Direction (Strawberry Hill)
  • Video Game Efforts (ACE Studios)
  • Marin Miller, Vocal Technique 101 (Strawberry Hill)
  • Wendee Lee, ADR for Anime Intensive (ACE Studios)
  • Amelia Kinch, What a Director Wants (Faustian Nonsense)
  • Cassandra Lee Morris, Get Out of Your Head!
  • Marissa Lenti, Character and Casting Directors (Strawberry Hill)
  • Kira Buckland and Casey Mongillo, Voice Acting for Fighting Games (Strawberry Hill)
  • Deb Munro and Elley Ray, Self-Direction (Get Mic’d)
  • Jamieson Price, Vocal Power and Health (Strawberry Hill)

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Interested in having me audition for or get involved with your project? Awesome! I’m interested in hearing from you! Send me some details about your project and I’ll send back information about my availability, my turnaround time, and a quote.