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Because I’ve been writing elsewhere. Doing a lots of things a lot of places, actually.

  • Back in January, an article for a previous gig got published in Kathleen McWhorter’s Reading and Writing about Contemporary Issues, Vol. 1, by Pearson. My very first textbook! You can flip to page 543 and see my name right there under “Ten Proven Brain Benefits of Being Bilingual.”
  • Once a month, I write about comics for Dork Shelf. I’ve only had three article posted so far, one about comics for people who don’t like comics, another about Batwoman’s feminist dad and the last about why Castle Waiting should be a template for how feminism needs to work. The comics editor, Nicole, has been a wellspring of encouragement, guidance, and support. I love working under her, and I eagerly anticipate what we have planned for the future. Dork Shelf in general, though, deserves an audience. Smart, progressive pop culture commentary.
  • Jason Poland publishes an online and print version of Shaqzine. It needed submissions. I sent in a terrible poem.
  • Draw the Line, a Canadian sexual violence prevention campaign run by the indomitably amazing Julie Lalonde, is undergoing a revamp to make it more intersectional. Resources will cover how age, race, ability, gender identity, sexuality, class and other factors that increase risk and make it more difficult to report the incident. Isaiah Broussard and I contributed a minicomic – “How to be an Ally” – to its information packet. It’s about how to be an ally. The materials haven’t been printed yet, but Julie gave us permission to share the comic online. Feel free to share it, too!! But please – PLEASE!!! – make sure to link back to Draw the Line. They deserve everyone’s attention.
  • Isaiah also invited me to write this week’s Crackers and White Whine. It needs some retooling since the main message – that white is considered the “default” in literature and authors of color are treated more as outliers than full contributors to the canon – doesn’t come across as well as I’d like.
  • Issue 4 of Space City Nerd! Available for order online! I contributed an article about organizing and executing your own panel, which will hopefully prove valuable information to someone someday.
  • Speaking of panels…the Comicpalooza one from my previous post went super well! About 30 people showed up, which is great for a Sunday morning. I also did a panel on the local ladies of comics at Zine Fest Houston earlier this month, featuring María-Elisa Heg (who also co-chairs ZFH and happens to do a damn fine job of it), Sarah Welch and Jessi Jordan, because of course Jessi Jordan.
  • ASQ Houston also invited me to come speak about social media in oil & gas and healthcare at their August professional development meeting! It was a huge honor, and a different, unique (for me, of course, not for other people) opportunity.
  • Jake and Alva at Pop and Schlock invited me onto their podcast in February. They kept having me on, and one thing led to another and now I’m the “unofficial third host.” I’ve loved this show since before I was ever on it, so you can imagine how much fun dissecting pop culture (mostly movies and comics) with them has been. It might take a bit before I completely find my voice on there – when I get hungry or tired, I tend to veer off into Cloudcuckooland territory – but right now the highest priority is enjoying myself and making their beloved little podcast grow. And grow it hopefully shall with all their ideas. Please give them a listen if you’re interested – they want feedback!
  • And I was inducted as a board member of the Houston Great Books Council last week! Look for more literary events here in Houston coming in 2015!

(So it’s totally OK that I was gone for so long, right?)

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Comicpalooza blindsided me this year. I’m currently overwhelmed by Too Much To Do Syndrome (not always a bad thing), so I’m only just now getting around to making a post about it. Any and all adventures will be chronicled on the Hardcore Nudoty Facebook page.

A few things…

…I will be moderating a panel regarding diversity in comics at noon on Sunday, May 25, from noon until 1 PM, panel room 16 in 372 B at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Jessi Jordan, Isaiah Broussard, Hector Rodriguez, and Lane Montoya will be discussing the representation of race, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, religion and ability in the comics medium and how to make it more inclusive and welcoming. Time, date, and location subject to change. So far, though, everything seems static

…Space City Nerd teamed up with Warlock’s Games and Beer for three nights of afterpartying. Three nights. Of afterpartying. Details at the Facebook invite, but it’s shaping up to be some of the best events we’ve ever thrown. Beer, burlesque, live art, and live music. Can’t be bad.

Jeremy The Artist and I have a comic currently in production (OH HEY THAT PARTIALLY EXPLAINS WHY I HAVEN’T BEEN BLOGGING!), titled Snake Bite and tentatively set for self-publication in September. As a promotion, he designed some pins for us to hand out to any fans and supporters who ask about the comic and decide they want one. For free. So look for us! We might be hanging out together, or we might not. But the pins look like this, so it’s within your best interest to get one while you can…




Working with Jeremy has been a delight. He’s as genial as he is creative, and as eager as he is talented. The promotional art he’s drawn up so far looks appropriately splattery and campy. So I’m genuinely excited to keep sharing more about it as we have more to tell.

Excitement abounds! As does a desire to Rip Van Winkle it.

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Since last year apparently didn’t scare them away from ever allowing us back in the store again, Third Planet invited us Space City Nerd folks to return and sell/sign copies of our zine. We’ll have issue 4 on hand, as well as reprints of issue 1, for you to buy and then immediately have us deface them with Sharpies. Or multicolored pens. Whichever you prefer. Because we love you. Come see us from 10 AM until…probably about 3 PM or something. Maybe later than that. The store closes at 7, though.


In addition, Jessi Jordan – who did that minicomic Psycho Girlfriend with me – and I will be debuting art from our latest collaboration! If you want to know what that collaboration is, you’re going to have to show up to find out. I mean, you’ll probably find out eventually. But if you’re a big Jessi fan, then this might be something you’d enjoy knowing as soon as you can. So you can lord it over the other Jessi fans, of course.


Jamie Kinosian, Isaiah Broussard, my friends at Benefit Betties, and a lot of other cool people are going to be there, too. And you can get 20% off toys as well. The rest of the information can be found at the official Facebook event page. For reasons that should become very, very clear here in a bit, I don’t have the time to write out everything about this. My new project with Jessi is only one of those reasons.


(Space City Nerd is now carried at Space Montrose, by the way!)

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This week, CultureMap published its list of the 10 hottest, most singlest men and women in Houston.

Once again, they failed to include me. Once again, I cried. I’m so single, my blood has been entirely replaced with Ben & Jerry’s and cat hair, and I’m more available than instances of the phrase “inner goddess” in 50 Shades of Grey.

But you know what? I don’t need CultureMap. I don’t need anyone. I have a blog, don’t I? As a modern, empowered, go-getting woman of the world, I’ll just write my own profile. And I’ll probably wind up marrying someone superultra famous, too! Someone better than anyone those total poseurs on the CultureMap article could ever hope to land! HA! HAHAHA!

Anyway, here it is. Tell all of your single or attached-and-openminded friends because I can’t live with this shame any longer, OK? OK.


IBRUSHEDAGOAT Name: Meredith Nudo
Occupation: Copywriter/editor at A Marketing Firm
Height: 5’6″
Hails from: Memphis, Tennessee

When she’s not cranking out blogs and social media posts and press releases and brochures and website copy at her day job, this fun-loving, temperamental Sicilian siren edits the comics section of local zine Space City Nerd and writes comics of her very own, often about the things she finds just so goshdarn frustrating about the world, like misogyny and racism. Ms. Nudo also occasionally tries her hand at comedy writing and screenwriting, but mostly winds up coming off as a pathetic shut-in who pats herself on the back regularly for ripping off Monty Python’s style.

She has no patience, no time, and all the social graces of a lobotomized bonobo. But that’s just part of her charm! That and the fact that she just cares so, so much.

So much.

It’s the worst thing about her. Really.


Ideal mate: Look, I don’t see the need to outline the various traits I find attractive in a partner. Because here’s the thing. People are going to read this, and they’re going to latch onto one or two of the characteristics they feel they embody, solicit me, and then pitch a huge fit if I decide they probably aren’t right for me, because entitlement. I’m very much an, “I know it when I see it” type, OK? And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me for that, OK? I’m not a beggar, so I can afford to be a chooser, and there’s nothing wrong with having standards, OK? Just…back off me.

Worst habit: I’ve grappled with generalized anxiety disorder and clinical depression my entire life, which means I have a tendency to overanalyze situations and struggle with properly verbalizing my feelings for fear of not being understood and accidentally causing problems when other people glean the wrong meaning from what I’m trying to say whenever my brain decides it doesn’t want to produce a healthy amount of neurotransmitters. Which usually leads to me not properly verbalizing my feelings and accidentally causing problems when other people glean the wrong meaning from what I’m trying to say. Oh, and in the wintertime, I don’t like shaving my legs, because seriously I wear pants or opaque tights all the time and nobody sees my legs, so why does it even matter?! Also, I am a deeply, deeply empathic person and it’s a big issue, too, because it means I forget about me, like, all the time. But is that really a bad thing!? LOL!

Hobbies: Netflix. Cheating on Netflix with Hulu+. Thinking about how I should probably go get my doctorate. Which, come to think of it, is also a pretty bad habit! I should just be happy with my master’s degree since that’s enough of a deal breaker for most men! I can’t be Dr. Aloneypants! ROTFLMAO!

Biggest turn off: 1-ply toilet paper.

Relationship deal breakers: Having petty, judgmental, or shallow relationship deal breakers that make no damn sense. Stocking 1-ply toilet paper.

The scariest thing you’ve ever done: I like to think that I love living life on the edge, which is why I regularly cross the street in River Oaks. On foot.

Pet peeves: I’ve been dumped twice for not being as attractive as other peoples’ girlfriends, so probably my biggest pet peeve is not taking time out of your busy day to lie to me about how I’m so much more attractive than other peoples’ girlfriends. Because I’m going to ask. Every day.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings: Yes.

Have you met anyone famous? Yes.

You can’t help but spend money on: Food. Clothes. Household items. Bills. Mr. Creosote’s trips to the vet. My trips to the therapist.

If you could change something about the world, what would it be? Well, Mindy Budgor beat me to showing those Maasai that women can be warriors, too, so I guess I think we should all go to underserved nations and teach them yoga so they have the inner peace needed to fix all of their problems and share their beautiful, sacred, closer-to-earth culture with all of us.

Phobias: Being misunderstood. Dying and nobody notices for years and years and years and my body can’t be properly identified because it’s already a slurry by the time it’s found. Also snowmen.

Would you rather regret doing something or not doing it? Is that something “eating tacos?” Because I never regret eating tacos.

Your best characteristic: I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

If you were given the day off from all of your everyday responsibilities, how would you spend it? I don’t understand this question, either.

Your first famous crush: Bruce Campbell. Michael Palin. Petunia. If you could forward this profile to any of these people, I’d really appreciate it. I think I’m worth it! LOL!

What kid were you in high school? A kid who was 10 or more years younger than I am now.

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Sorry this is so late, everyone. I needed a day to recover from the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that really, REALLY upset me. As it stands now, I’m still pretty angry, but I think I might be calm enough to at least express my feelings in a somewhat coherent manner.


I first got into mainstream comics, especially Marvel, in 2008. Shortly after I finished graduate school. So they’ve been an integral part of my adulthood for a long, long time. I’ve spent so much money and time supporting the company, I’m practically an investor by this point! Little bits of my soul literally flicker out and die with every dumbshit decision they make. Maybe if Axel Alonso, Kevin Feige, and the rest of them listened to me every once in a while, Marvel would suck considerably less!! I mean don’t get me wrong…Iron Man and The Avengers were both great, but there were some major tweaks I’d have made (Hawkeye’s costume. An Eric O’Grady cameo. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh…) that probably would’ve netted them an additional hundred million dollars or so on the international market. Hmmmmm…maybe they should hire me! LOL!

But I digress.

Honestly, it took Herculean strength to not overturn my laptop and punch a wall when it was announced that Bradley Cooper was cast as Rocket Raccoon. And I held my tongue for so long, because my friends seemed pretty content with the decision and I didn’t really want to start an argument because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to put a stopper on the rage. I tried to keep myself in check because I thought to myself…maybe…just maybe…James Gunn and Co. would be able to pull it off. Find some way to make Mr. Generic-Hunk-Of-The-Month a convincing genetically-altered space raccoon with guns. I mean, didn’t Heath Ledger surprise us all by turning in a truly chilling Joker performance that is now the stuff of cinematic legend?

Then that damn trailer came out last night. The dam burst.

For those of you not in the know, Rocket Raccoon looks like this:


Source: Wikipedia
Bradley Cooper looks like this:
Source: Wikipedia
And this is what the trailer gave us:
Source: Wikipedia




I just don’t even KNOW what to make of this!! Like, why even BOTHER casting Cooper – who was a lousy choice to begin with like I said. I wanted Mr. Scritches, but I might be biased because he lives in my backyard LOL! – if you’re just going to replace him with…whatever…THAT…even…is?! It looks like somebody bred a possum with one of Donald Trump’s toupees, left it out in the rain, and then dried it out in the microwave.

It’s like Gunn KNEW “Bradley Pooper” would do a terrible job UHHHHH BECAUSE HE ISN’T ENOUGH OF A RACCOON TO BE CONVINCING IN THE FIRST PLACE A HURR DURR DURR, so he just went ahead and replaced him with…THAT (LOL I refuse to acknowledge that as a raccoon you can’t make me nyah!). Why even BOTHER keeping him on, anyway?

This is probably going to net me a few unlikes and rants from the PC crowd, but seriously I’m sick of always having to hold my tongue because some wuss will all cry about how I’m not “respecting safe spaces” or whatever. FIRST AMENDMENT GO READ IT OK.

Anyway, I think…honestly…that this is probably some shoehorned-in “diversity” thing so the quadrupedal crowd doesn’t get its panties all wadded up about how the cast is mostly humans. Man, you give them Air Bud and Babe and Homeward Bound and pretty soon they want to be in everything. They have their own movies! They need to stop stealing parts from humans! That was the ONE GOOD THING about Bradley Cooper had going for him, too. Rocket got an upgrade in that at least he was maybe going to be people…but then Marvel went and took that away because they’re BAWK BAWK CHICKENS wanting to cover their butts. Ugh.

This way, Gunn can have both his political correctness gone awry AND his star power. And all the little fanboys and fangirls just eat that bullshit up. Unbelievable. GotG could EASILY be made without Rocket Raccoon. It’s not like he’s really a big deal anyway. They probably beefed up his role, too, just to make the crybabies happy.

Also…um. Pretty sure Rocket’s coat is BLUE these days (ignore the green in the first pic I posted – that’s an older one LOL!) Gunn ol’ buddy? What’s with the orange? I mean, I’m under the assumption that there’s a prison thing going on, and that’s OK, but I’m seriously so distracted by this aesthetic abortion my eyes can’t uncross. Like I’m for serious giving myself a headache they’re rolling so far back into my skull. I already probably wasn’t going to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place thanks to “Bradley Pooper,” but missing ONE. TINY. DETAIL. like that just obliterates what iotas of goodwill I had hanging around. My interest now can be measured in Planck lengths.

But you know what?

No longer will I allow this injustice to stand. I’ve been silent on these issues for far, far too long. And if nobody else is going to do something about it, then I guess it’s up to me.

That’s right, Marvel! You can’t expect me and your other victims to take this sitting down anymore! We’re going to take this to We’re going to take this to the White House! And we’re going to boycott everything your greasy, greedy fingers touch until you lose everything. Only then will you realize that you can’t push aside our loyalty. EVERYTHING. YOU. HAVE. is because of EVERYTHING. WE. GIVE. The people have spoken, Marvel. Will you listen?

On a lighter note, Groot at least seemed pretty cool though LOL. I’d never heard of him before last night. Can you guys maybe recommend some titles where I can read more about him?