Scott White and Alycia “Rose” Quacker: Now on Public Access!

So. This is the major reason why I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like the past seven months: The Scott White and Alycia “Rose” Quacker Stand Up Special. It’s a major project I’ve been honored to play a part in planning, staging it at Station Theater, and adapting for television. Yeah. Television. The … Continued

[Guest Blog] So Now You Have to Work from Home: Kids Edition

by guest blogger Jef Rouner As promised, here’s a companion piece to my guide to working from home by a parent, since that isn’t a topic I can knowledgeably discuss. Jef Rouner (Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, Cracked) agreed to step in and share his experience. Thanks, Jef! *** Congratulations! You’re your child’s teacher during super … Continued

Nudo Does Nudies: For a Good Cause!

Station Theater, my comedy home for the past four years, has been forced to suspend shows, classes, and events due to coronavirus and will not reopen until it’s safe for people to begin gathering again. It sucks. It is absolutely the right call to make from ethical and public health standpoints and I applaud the … Continued

So Now You Have to Work from Home: A Guide to Not Losing Your Shit

Working from home is better for the environment. It’s better for people with disabilities. It’s mentally and physically healthier. So why the seven habits of highly effective hell did it take a global pandemic to adjust the American workforce’s thinking on the advantages? Because the advantages are legion. I’ve been fortunate enough to work from … Continued