So Now You Have to Work from Home: A Guide to Not Losing Your Shit

Working from home is better for the environment. It’s better for people with disabilities. It’s mentally and physically healthier. So why the seven habits of highly effective hell did it take a global pandemic to adjust the American workforce’s thinking on the advantages? Because the advantages are legion. I’ve been fortunate enough to work from … Continued

Mere-mento Mori

Content Warning: Death and dying I think about death a lot. Partly because it’s a requirement to receive admission into a liberal arts graduate program and partly because she’s my favorite character in Sandman. Coming from a giant Sicilian-Italian-Irish Catholic family that absorbs people like some sort of basil-scented, hand-flailing siphonophore*, we go to so … Continued

The Best ASMR Channels to Help You Escape Primary Season

As with anyone who doesn’t jazz hands over sentient Vienna sausages bloviating a Great Pacific Garbage Patch’s worth of reheated sub-Nextdoor tantrums on an hourly basis, my mind’s been on how to yank politics (and society on the whole) away from the influence of the types who believe mass-murdering Satanic cults ran daycares in the … Continued