Transmit to Your Eyeholes: Week Ending 10/11/2020

Transmit to Your Eyeholes Artwork by Jules Rivera, featuring a Boston Dynamics-style robot with a purple-haired woman's head lifting its shirt up and flashing three Xs in a censor bar.
Transmit to Your Eyeholes Artwork by Jules Rivera (

I read a lot. This is a selection of what I read this week (10/05/20 through 10/11/2020) that I think you should read, too.


*Katie Rife, Sean O’Neal, A.A. Dowd, William Hughes, Molly Eichel, Dennis Perkins, Mike D’Angelo, and Joshua Alston’s Change of plan: 15 documentaries that switched course during filming for The A.V. Club: Sorry, but it’s a slideshow. I know, I know. Still, though, it’s a fun one chronicling moments where nonfiction storytelling takes an unexpected turn.

*Katie Dowd’s For 30 years, Garfield phones kept washing up on a French beach. Now, we know why. for SFGate/Houston Chronicle: Warning, but the solution is kind of anticlimactic. That doesn’t make this story any less silly and entertaining.

*Jonathan L. Zecher’s Acedia: the lost name for the emotion we’re all feeling right now for The Conversation: Turns out, the ancient Greeks had an actual word for the collective listlessness, frustration, and time dilation that comes with being cooped up indoors for extended periods of time. And here I thought the Germans would be the ones to christen this feeling.


As always, my weeklies/weeklies-ish:

*Huda Fahmy’s Yes I’m Hot in This
*Phylecia Miller and Jules Rivera’s Hi, Phylecia!
*Taejoon Park’s Lookism
*Linda Sejic’s Punderworld
*Jessi Sharon’s The Sea in You
*Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus
*Sensaga’s Ham and Mat
*Steenz’s Heart of the City


Unfortunately, this week I wasn’t able to get in much pleasure reading… again… so I still haven’t finished Aimee Fleck and Tea Berry-Blue’s Raw anthology. Elizabeth B’s Beasts of Prey proved this week’s standout story, fleshing out the wonderful character Chiyoh who deserved a bigger part in Hannibal if I do say so myself. But that’s exactly what fanfiction was made for, to give interesting supporting characters their due. Or… one of the many reasons, anyway. I wish I could go into more detail about what makes Beasts of Prey such an engaging story, but as with many other Raw entries, it spoils the entire ending of the series.

See you next week, fellow bookish buffs!

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