Transmit to Your Eyeholes: Week Ending 1/17/2021

Transmit to Your Eyeholes Artwork by Jules Rivera, featuring a Boston Dynamics-style robot with a purple-haired woman's head lifting its shirt up and flashing three Xs in a censor bar.
Transmit to Your Eyeholes Artwork by Jules Rivera (

I read a lot. This is a selection of what I read this week (1/4/2021 through 1/7/2021) that I think you should read, too.


*Asher Elbein’s In Praise of the Great-tailed Grackle, a Bird That Doesn’t Need Your Respect for The Audubon Society: Grackles are obnoxious trash birds and I absolutely adore them. As scavengers, they play an integral role in the urban ecosystem, too!

*Chris Kohler The Slightly Sketchy 1990s ‘Computer Fairs,’ A Major Part Of My Gaming History for Kotaku: Back in the Before Times when computers looked like beige toasters and people could actually leave their homes, gamers could pick up freeware (usually paying a few dollars “for the disk”) from third party sellers at the occasional dealer show.

*Jennifer Smith Richards, Jodi S. Cohen and Lakeidra Chavis’ The Quiet Rooms for ProPublica: Consider this a massive content warning for child abuse, particularly against disabled, neurodivergent, and/or Black children. Keep in mind the investigative report is from 2019 and the State of Illinois has started addressing the atrocities. However, it’s still crucial reading covering the history of the education system using horrific, isolating punishment on kids, some as young as elementary school ages, for minor infractions.

*Megan Spurrell’s What Role Do Souvenirs Play in Cultural Appropriation? for Condé Nast Traveler: A thoughtful look at how to be a responsible globetrotter and research what and how to buy when traveling so you don’t disrespect the local cultures.


As always, my weeklies/weeklies-ish:

*Huda Fahmy’s Yes I’m Hot in This
*Phylecia Miller and Jules Rivera’s Hi, Phylecia!
*Taejoon Park’s Lookism
*Jules Rivera’s Mark Trail
*Linda Sejic’s Punderworld
*Jessi Sharon’s The Sea in You
*Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus
*Sensaga’s Ham and Mat
*Steenz’s Heart of the City

See you next week, fellow bookish buffs!

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