Transmit to Your Eyeholes: Week Ending 1/24/2021

Transmit to Your Eyeholes Artwork by Jules Rivera, featuring a Boston Dynamics-style robot with a purple-haired woman's head lifting its shirt up and flashing three Xs in a censor bar.
Transmit to Your Eyeholes Artwork by Jules Rivera (

I read a lot. This is a selection of what I read this week (1/18/2021 through 1/24/2021) that I think you should read, too.


*Chandler Dean’s I am a disappointed Biden voter who was told he’d immediately implement communist rule for McSweeney’s: Yeah, I haven’t seen any means of production getting seized this past week, either. Have you?

*Luisa Derouen’s Transgender persons are the body of Christ too for Global Sisters Report: The Catholic Church (on the whole, not one church specifically) I grew up in was virulently anti-LGBTQIAP+, to the point real problems that actually hurt people like clergy abuse was entirely overlooked, if not ignored, in favor of turning parishioners against people doing absolutely nothing immoral instead. So it’s good to see at least someone in the church speaking in favor of the dignity of and necessity of rights for transgender people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem a popular view. I hope that changes.

*Phillip Perry’s MIT Scientists Got Spinach to Send them an Email for The Big Think: The title sounds a bit over-the-top, but it also isn’t wrong! No, plants haven’t started talking yet, and I’ve watched Little Shop of Horrors enough times to actually fear that scenario. But scientists have found a way to crack some of their chemical communication code to get an idea of soil and weather conditions.

*Ashley Wool’s An autistic actress deconstructs Sia’s ‘Music’ mess for OnStage Blog: Ashley Wool addresses the issues of casting and stereotyping in Music and how director and screenwriter Sia’s reaction to genuine concern by autistic performers and critics resorted to ableism rather than engagement and learning.


As always, my weeklies/weeklies-ish:

*Huda Fahmy’s Yes I’m Hot in This
*Phylecia Miller and Jules Rivera’s Hi, Phylecia!
*Taejoon Park’s Lookism
*Jules Rivera’s Mark Trail
*Linda Sejic’s Punderworld
*Jessi Sharon’s The Sea in You
*Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus
*Sensaga’s Ham and Mat
*Steenz’s Heart of the City


Started on N.K. Jemisin’s The City We Became this week, and I’m only 28 pages in so far. My only regret is that I fell asleep before I could go further, because its eldritch horror premise is fantastic and I haven’t gotten to know any of her intriguing characters yet. But my progress on the book will definitely make its way into future entries!

See you next week, fellow bookish buffs!

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