Discovery!: Some Nerd’s Avant-Garde Notes from 1986!

This past week, I ended up accompanying a friend to an estate sale up in The Heights. I enjoy estate sales, even though I almost never buy anything; right now, I’m getting rid of things, not bringing them in. But from aesthetics and history perspectives, they can still be fun time capsules to explore. And … Continued

Advice to My Younger Selves

As the decade – not just a year! a whole decade! woah! – comes to a close, I can’t help but look back with the hopes of learning how to move forward. Lately, I’ve been staring up at the ceiling in a fit of insomnia-induced reminiscing. If I could go back in time, what would … Continued

Lowborn Goods’ Kathryn Way on Candles and Capitalism

Writer, comedian, and social media professional Kathryn Way launched her online shop Lowborn Goods in 2018 with the goal of making stylish, ethically-produced handmade homewares and restored midcentury modern furniture available at an affordable price point. She recognizes the difficulty in balancing one’s finances with the desire to do right by both laborers and the … Continued

Mere-mento Mori

Content Warning: Death and dying I think about death a lot. Partly because it’s a requirement to receive admission into a liberal arts graduate program and partly because she’s my favorite character in Sandman. Coming from a giant Sicilian-Italian-Irish Catholic family that absorbs people like some sort of basil-scented, hand-flailing siphonophore*, we go to so … Continued