Scott White and Alycia “Rose” Quacker: Now on Public Access!

So. This is the major reason why I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like the past seven months: The Scott White and Alycia “Rose” Quacker Stand Up Special. It’s a major project I’ve been honored to play a part in planning, staging it at Station Theater, and adapting for television. Yeah. Television. The … Continued

Nudo Does Nudies: For a Good Cause!

Station Theater, my comedy home for the past four years, has been forced to suspend shows, classes, and events due to coronavirus and will not reopen until it’s safe for people to begin gathering again. It sucks. It is absolutely the right call to make from ethical and public health standpoints and I applaud the … Continued

The New, Improved Pop and Schlock Time Slot

Beginning on March 4, Pop and Schlock nestles in to our shiny new time slot! Jake and I move shop over to Monday nights at 7 p.m. We, of course, remain on KPFT channel HD2, and we’re honored to now lead in to Connor Clifton and Ned Gayle’s delightful FM Rager! Our first episode as … Continued

Anyway, I’m Directing My First Show

Look, I’m just as surprised as anyone else that a woman who was once called “spatially unaware” by a high school theater teacher was trusted with directing a cabaret show, but hey. I totally was. Laura Estrada, Caryn Fulda, Dan Perez, and I created the super fun and campy Midnight-ish Mayhem, which we’ve been touting … Continued